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Ellie's Eye Blog - August 2023

Ellie's Eight 

I oppose the gatekeepers! I am here to share it all….my favorites, go-tos, and must-haves. From Wild Bluebell products - of course, I am running a business here ;) - to fashion, shoes, home-finds, skincare, and random items you didn't know you needed.... here are a few of my favorite things. Eight, to be exact! 

Side note, I would like to remind everyone *cough cough - Mom, Dad!* that one of my love languages is gift receiving. This blog was in no way created so that my parents, sisters, friends, boys that are trying to be boyfriends, etc., would have a dedicated resource at any given time to access my full wish list. ;) 

1. Silver Phone Pouch 

Starting off with the silver phone pouch (or SPP) - I cannot get enough. This silver leather was sourced in Peru, so I wanted to make something for myself out of it. Boy, do I have a good eye! ;) This silver goes with everything. I have worn my silver phone pouch with the following outfits thus far… 

  • SPP with a black dress, sneakers- this was for a first date! Don’t get too excited. The relationship ended after the 4th date…. 
  • SPP with White button-down, wide leg jeans, vince shoes (linked below) for our third date. Don’t worry - he held high regard for my outfits so the break had nothing to do with the clothes.
  • SPP with a Pattern dress and sneakers
  • SPP with another Pattern dress with sneakers  
  • SPP with a black top, flared black jeans, slides, and my silver phone pouch. I actually wore this out on a very painful first date - it was a learning experience! Reminder, trust your gut ladies! 
  • SPP with a blue button-down, jean shorts, and slides when I was hanging out with family.
  • SPP with a gray silky top, jean shorts, sneakers, and a green jacket. This was also for a first date that went really well!  I’ll keep you posted on date number 2 and hopefully 3!

All right… do you get the idea? The Silver Phone Pouch literally goes with everything! I hope to have more of this leather soon, so email me to get on the waitlist!

2. Vince Shoes 

Let me start by saying I am a big Birkenstocks fan (bonus: Ellie's favorite thing). I love the comfort of the shoes. I work in them every day and have a pair I use as my "house shoes."  That being said, I have never been able to figure out how to wear them out - not only because mine are covered in paint splatter from the studio, but it is also a mental thing for me... because of the amount of time my sweet feet spent in Birkenstocks, I couldn't bring myself to wear them out intentionally.

Enter the Vince Clogs. I have been wearing these with jeans, dresses, on errands, etc. Honestly, I look for a reason to wear these! You can thank me later! ;) 

3. Obagi Clear

Did anyone else try the 80-year-old filter on TikTok? Yeah, well, I did. I was horrified. I have done a terrible job a taking good care of my skin. To be clear, I am not as fearful of the aging and wrinkles as much as I am for the skin spots that presented themselves so loudly. After seeing my photos, I went straight to Woo’s and asked for a solution. So far, I am in love! Be sure to wear sunscreen if you use this product. 

4. Supergoop Sunscreen 

I'm not kidding when I say that TikTok filter really did a number on me! But this screen is so great! After I wash my face in the morning, I use the Goop 40 SPF Glow Sunscreen. About 2 - 3 hours later, I follow up with the Goop Touch-Up Spray. 10 out of 10!

You can buy both the Supergoop sunscreens and the Obagi clear locally at Woo's - linked above. 

 Supergood Glow Screen


5. Hat Carrier for Travel - Amazon 

Okay... I might be going against my own product here - the hat clip - but when you travel with more than 2 hats at a time (yes, I am that girl) the hat clips become a bit of a hassle. This carrier comes in two sizes! We’ve got to keep our hats (and hat bands if you’re wild) safe and looking fly, ladies/girls/people! 



Black Hat Bag

6. Mary Tote 

I have sold out of all of these two toned Mary Totes, but I am borrowing the one my mom bought from me because I am OBSESSED! This bag is going to carry well all year, and I cannot wait to showcase this piece as part of Wild Bluebell’s Fall 2023 Collection. Email me to pre-order for fall!

Interesting Fact: This clutch was named after my sister, Mary Katherine Geismar. She also edited this blog! ;) 


7. Maueve Silver Leather Pants 

I saw these a month or so ago, and I cannot stop thinking about them! I have yet to press purchase, but they sit in my cart. I would dress them up with a silk top and strappy heels or a big sweater and heels, I would dress them down, or wear them every day, with a white shirt and a trench coat; with a gray (ahem, color blocking) or beige sweater with booties in the fall and winter. 

Email me to purchase for 10% off! (Basically, you buy through me, and you get a discount - yay!) 

8. Skorts 

I am very into this trend and plan to carry it well into the fall - and perhaps the winter! I just bought this skort from Anthropologie. I plan to wear it with everything... including my silver phone pouch, haha! This could be cute with a t-shirt, loafers and a jean jacket. What do you think? Good outfit for my second date?

Buy through me, and you get a discount-yay!

Let me know what you think! As always, stay wild! 

xo, Ellie 

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