Wild Bluebell’s designs are influenced by the beauty of the natural world, as well as the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi. This embodies Wild Bluebell’s appreciation for true, innate beauty and its unique flaws.
Owner and Designer, Ellie Bartholomew, takes great pride in her craftsmanship. All items are handmade using centuries-old leather techniques with materials sourced from sustainable, ethical vendors who supply genuine, natural leather. 
To Ellie, Wild Bluebell holds much more meaning than a brand or collection. It is not only a way of expressing her love of art and passion for nature, but she hopes to uplift others through this imaginative trade. Just as with nature, let us too, celebrate the traits that make us beautiful, special, imperfect, and one-of-a-kind. 
Ellie Bartholomew, Owner + Designer
Nashville, TN

Contact Ellie by emailing ellie@wildbluebell.co