Ellie's Eye Blog - October 2023

Ellie's Eye Blog - October 2023

Just call me Carrie Bradshaw…We’ve got blog numero dos! Things are getting real, y’all. 

A quick housekeeping update: You can now shop Wild Bluebell IRL at AshBlue in Green Hills. If you haven’t already, go check out the store! They just expanded their space and have beautiful things. I especially love their jewelry, pajamas, and cards—trust me, they are hilarious. 

To kick off the first of my eight…. The Charlene Tote. This tote is one of my favorites for a woman on a mission - aka any woman with a laptop or important things to carry: all of you! While your work might not be glamorous - or, perhaps it is? (Go girl!) - YOU should be! Named after the woman who taught me the profound effects of a solid lip and a good pair of heels, I give you the level-up tote: the Charlene handle bag. Look stunning wherever you go, whatever you are doing, no matter if you are feeling it in the moment or not. This tote says “chic, sophisticated, and stylish”. 

On a more recent date - and, without a doubt the most fun date I’ve been on in a while - I carried my Charlene tote. Not to brag, but my date and the waiter continuously complimented my bag. They would not stop! In fact, my date was not only quite impressed with my beautiful bag, but impressed with its maker as well. Dads are just the best, aren’t they?! :) Ahem, anyway, back to our list…

Charlene Tote in Black

Number two... I digress a bit here from fashion to home goods…next up: check out this textured pot! I am obsessed. Where couldn’t this pot go?! Just in case you were on the hunt for the perfect pot for your house, here you go! 

Which pot do I recommend, you ask? The large one that is not the biggest one…the second largest? The big round one is for a big plant. 

Which plant, you ask? To that, I will say ask a specialist… 

Large Textured Pot

Number three... So if you know me at all, you know I love a button-down. Button-downs have been my thing (and, the very fashionable RHNYC Jenna Lyons’ thing) for a while. In my dreaded and dark corporate days, I leaned heavily on a closet of button-downs. Out of corporate life, I happily and healthily lean heavily on a closet of button-downs. Catch my drift? You can wear them with anything and everything, and you can style the shirt in so many ways! Don’t let men take all the good things—and that includes button-downs! Hell, take your man’s if you don’t want to buy one. But if you are in the market for a button-down, I highly recommend the Maeve bennett style shirt from Anthropologie. It comes in all different colors! Buy through me for 10% off! Yay! 

Here is how I have been wearing my button-down (BD) and how I plan to style it for the fall: 

  1. BD half tucked in, with long jean shorts, loafers & sweater over my shoulders 
  2. BD with jean skort & booties 
  3. BD with leather skirt & boots 
  4. BD with jeans, layered with a sweater 
  5. BD over casual work out clothes (leggings, sneakers) when running errands 
  6. BD with… literally anything! You cannot go wrong with this classic staple! 

Maeve Button Down Shirt

Fourth favorite… As you might have read in the first blog, I am obsessed with all things skorts this year! Personally, they look better on me than skirts, but it’s the same thing! Look! I saw this skirt on Zara’s site the other day: very cute, and it is an affordable solution to be on trend this fall. If you are looking for a fancier leather skirt, check out the one (linked below) from the Frankie Shop, or the Anthropologie skort from the previous blog. 

I would wear this with a button-down (of course), high boots, and a Wild Bluebell handle bag. You could also pair it with a chunky sweater and some booties for the fall. 

 Zara Leather Skirt


The Frankie Shop Mini Skirt

Fifth thing... I have been wearing sneakers nonstop like the rest of the world. They are comfortable and versatile! However…potential unpopular opinion… I am not a fan of Golden Goose sneakers. They do not fit my feet the right way, and to be honest, I think they are over-worn.  They are also expensive and a waste if they don’t fit your feet right! That being said, there are SO many pairs you can find out there that are not Golden Goose, like… the All Saints Silver Sneakers. 

My go-to pair these days costs less than $200 and can be treated like a basic. I believe Mrs. Carter would approve. For those who agree say, “Hey Mrs. Carter!

I have been wearing these sneakers with jean shorts, patterned dresses, wide-leg pants, BDs (of course), and more! 

Silver Sneakers

Number six is for the Barbour fans!  I have major heart eyes for their new waxed plaid jacket - linked below. I would wear this with everything for the fall. Think black flare pants and a chunky loafer or pointed bootie. Or, you could do this jacket with a dress or skirt. This jacket will also become a staple for years to come! Think: elevated Barbour. Never going out of style!

Plaid Barbour Jacket

Number seven is the weekender tote. Much like the classic BD, this bag is a closet/wardrobe staple. These bags are perfect for my on-the-go/travel girlies who want to look chic while keeping it practical and easy. It’s the carry-all, do it all bag! They can fit everything but remain light and stylish. These totes have been so popular that I cannot even keep a sample in stock! I love it and not complaining one bit! If you don’t have the tote bag, it’s time to do yourself a favor and get one! Y’all know I love anything that makes life easier, and this tote is just that! I would also highly recommend this bag as a gift. Reminder: It's never too early to place order for Christmas! 

 Weekender Tote

Last but not least... I am probably behind the game here, but have y'all seen the PJ Harlow Pajamas at AshBlue? I got a set a few weeks ago, and I am now LIVING in these. They make you feel elegant and cozy at the same time - perhaps my favorite combo! I look forward to the time when I can put them on every night (it’s getting earlier and earlier…), but honestly, they’re so chic and neutral, they could pass for a cozy set under a sweater for fall! They come in great colors too: silver, beige, pink and blue! If you haven’t checked these out, look into a pair and make your (literal) dreams come true. Your sleeping beauty self will thank you! 

Black Silk PJ Top




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