Valentine's Day Wish List - February 2024

Valentine's Day Wish List - February 2024

Can we go ahead and just say no thank you to chocolates and candies this year for Valentine’s Day? We are coming out of the year of Barbie, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift so let’s act like the queens we are and ask for thoughtful and personalized gifts. The good news? I’ve done all the work for your Valentine so just forward this along with your favorite products noted. A little guidance never hurt a man.. ;)

Charm necklaces are all the rage right now, and Margot Ferree Jewelry is your go-to for high-quality, personalized necklaces. You choose the chain style, length, and charm count. From there, share some of your valentine's favorite things, words that describe her, etc. This is where you can really let your creativity shine. Margot will then custom a special charm necklace your Valentine won’t be able to take off!  

Margo Ferree Charm Necklace

In the same vein as the charm necklaces, I am really into locket necklaces right now. Who wouldn’t want to receive a vintage heart locket from your love with a special picture or engravement in it? It’s giving delicate and thoughtful. I sourced a few from Etsy, linked below. 

Charm Necklace from Etsy

Charm Necklaces from Etsy (2)

Last week, I launched the Beloved by Bluebell collection. With a variety of colors and styles in this collection, you will find something beautiful for your love. Any of these bags would be a great gift! 

Thinking a relaxing afternoon might be the ticket to happiness for your Valentine? How about a gift card to their favorite self-care spot? Even better…Give her a “treat yo self” care day filled with things like breakfast in bed, passenger princess transportation, spa, hair, and nail appointments… you get the idea. If your budget is anything like mine, you can convert this into a “homemade” day where you play the chef, nail tech, uber driver, spa tech, and so on. Don’t break the bank; it's the thought and actions that count! 

Balleria flats are big for spring, and I am obsessing over the mesh style. If I won the lottery, I would buy the Christopher Esber or Alaia pair in black. But since I have yet to win—or even play the lottery for that matter—I have found a few different styles under $200.

Tony Bianco Mesh FlatsJeffrey Campbell Ballerina Flats

 In case you did win the lottery or have lottery-like money, I have included links to the Christopher Esber and Alaia styles below. 

Christopher Esber Black Minette Ballerina Flats Alaia Mesh Flats

Have you heard how “grandpa electric” is trending? If you didn’t, now you do. Think sweater vests, layers, PJ pants, loafers, watches, and skinny sunnies. I thrifted an old rugby shirt I cannot wait to wear for this trend. While anything in this trend could be a great gift, I would highly recommend the boxer pants from Anthropologie. I plan to wear them with my Red Sox hat and a blazer. To be clear, these pants are not pajamas but are meant to look like it. ;)


Recently, my boyfriend and I went to BrushFire and painted each other coffee mugs. Cute, right?! What better gift than one you made yourself? Customize a coffee mug, vase, jewelry box, etc. for your Valentine! Not only will you get use out of your creation, but you are also spending quality time with your partner. What’s better than that?! Here is how our mugs turned out. What do you think? 

Shawn's Painted Coffee Mug Ellie's Coffee Mug

Dopamine decor is a real thing, and I am very into the valet trays right now. They make my house look and feel much more organized. I keep one in the bedroom for loose jewelry, etc., one in the bathroom for hair pens and clips, one at my backdoor, and one in the hallway…should I go on? Personally, I say: go for the bright fun colors like pink because this is Barbie’s dream house, not Ken’s dream house. ;) These make WONDERFUL Valentine's day gifts! 



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