Collection: Beloved by Bluebell

If you can’t find it anywhere, make it. If you can’t afford the high-quality items you crave, create your own. That became my mantra and the reason I started taking classes and fabricating handmade, homemade leather goods, thus lanuching Wild Bluebell.

As my craftsmanship was honed, my product variety grew according to clients’ requests. My collection now includes phone pouches, crossbody bags, fanny packs and day and weekender totes.

While traveling the country (and out of it, too!) presenting and promoting my wares to the public, I met some amazing and extremely talented women who were also selling their lovingly handmade, homemade creations. Light bulb! What if I teamed up with these other women-owned business and we helped each other? I am proud to introduce Beloved by Bluebell; a small curated collection of accessories made by other women approved and loved by yours truly.